About Us

About Us:

About 16 years ago we moved from Charlotte to Denver, North Carolina and purchased 10 acers to start our family farm. We built a house and developed the land for farming, we build a goat enclosures, pig pens, chicken coops, dog houses, and of course, a large walk in cooler and two large sheds for our produce. We purchased two 200 ft. greenhouses and  multiple trucks to run our business and transport our produce.

We had three kids, Peyton, the oldest son, Kendra, the middle child and our only daughter, and Walker, the youngest son. One of the main reasons we became farmers is to create a future for our children, to learn about and eventually take over this family business. In 2008 we bought 100 acers out in Iron Station to grow our farm and that’s were we produce most of our product. Even though we still live on our Denver farm. Our family’s goal is to eventually move out there to expand our business more. 

Kristin Stone, The wife of Jason Stone, creates most our specialty items such as the herb rub and goats milk soap along with the growing plants in the spring. She also cares to the seedlings and manages the farm while Jason runs the markets, but don’t get me wrong he gets his share of farming. There’s never a day off in the farming business and we all contribute in a way. Some people don’t understand why we love to farm, and sometimes we don’t either, but we wouldn’t trade our business for the world.